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Asshole of the Internet 4chan has often been described as The Asshole of the Internet. Cantonese ) whom she met in 1993, and was 33 years older than she was. Filmography edit References edit External links edit. You wont believe the shit people are willing to cop to when everybody is a porn stranger. Youll also find threads detailing problems getting laid, unrelenting cuckold fantasies, and furry threads for the fans of dog-person anal scenes. By default, everyone is anonymous, and everyone is allowed to start or reply to threads. P-Chan_P_g 1329 x 1100 240 Views Saving. 4chan is an American site, but moot, the dude who started it, was really into Japanese shit. The site is a giant set of message boards about different subjects.

We cant all be teenage edgelords, laughing as they play Mexican beheading videos for their classmates. Requests, general 1chan, trainz, support 2ko-Chan, ecchi, hentai, catgirls #ffmlch4N, random, star*chan, random "Reichan". Im The Porn Dude, so Im going to focus on the porn stuff. Description saved P-Chan_P_g 1500 x 1000 117 Views Saving. Look, I know what kind of freaks read this website. Alright, I touched a little on /b/ already. Theyre technically an image-based bulletin board, or imageboard. Theres enough action across 4chans different imageboards that youll always find some interesting porn shit to look at or pull your pud. There are a few cartoons mixed in, but its mostly sex movies. Yandere-Chan-VS-Nemesis-Chan Free Sex Comic, enjoy the free Porn Comic Yandere-Chan-VS-Nemesis-Chan.

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Anything goes here, so half of it is boring as hell, but the whole thing is really fast-paced.

Taipei to cohabit with Huang until they broke up in early 1999. The posts on /s/ are curated, so less free-flowing and wild than on /b/. Category III films and gained widespread attraction for her bold performance, becoming a prominent sex symbol in the Greater China Area at that time. I once got a 2-day ban from the Sexy Beautiful Women board for posting a picture of a slut with a nice, thick ass. Remember that you can also add descriptions to each image. English Boards, board Name, imageboard topics covered, discussion topics covered 4chan. That means youll get sexy and intimate shit people would never otherwise share, but youll also get peoples ugliest unfiltered thoughts. Actually, I know what you like. Downfall edit, in 1997 Chan began a relationship with the playboy. Fortunately, there are other 4chan boards that serve up porn with a much lower chance of animal torture gifs mixed into the pile. You heard the whole place is anonymous and your perverted mind is thinking of all the different kinds of freaky shit you could do and see in a place like that. Bailey Jay is everywhere on 4chan, as are discussions about whether sucking her dick would make you a faggot.


View all announces, dec 14, 2014 - Questions, problems, content removal? Chiu gave him the name Don Don Chiu. Around PM 5:30 on July 31, 2002 Chan jumped out of her 24th-floor apartment window to her death: 10 in her suicide note she cited her postpartum depression as a reason for suicide, and besides expressing her deepest sorrow and blessing to Huang Jen-chung, she. Chinese, hong Kong actress who aroused significant attraction and controversies in the. Filmography edit References edit External links edit. Description saved P- Chan _P_g 1100 x 1566 171 Views Saving.

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