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ass it was asking for it! After a bit of back and forth he relaxes a bit and we see him open. Watch, cody at CorbinFisher, corbin, fisher newbie Cody, is a hot 19-year-old stud with a baby face, a raspy voice, and shy personality. Hes hesitant to give too many details but the little he tells us is entertaining- and hot! There was a post on this blog that mentioned, logan of, corbin, fisher is in a persistent vegetative state.

Statement from, corbin, fisher sent on this post, logan was attacked in November of 2007. Tip @ Zach Gnormie, related. It took a few years, but the scumbag girl and her evil friends are all sitting in prison in Washington state right where they belong. This makes me love CF more than ever since they take care of their employees. The incident was even published by a local newspaper. Is this a way for, corbin, fisher to save on cost or the site doesnt have enough models for unique pairings? The first one had Jaden as the top. All of them are now convicted felons and will remain so for the rest of their lives. The more turned on he gets, the more that shyness disappears. This included closing out his bailey personal business affairs and paying for the Medical Learjet to transport Logan and his parents back to his home state. Then he strokes achingly slow to make it swell larger in his hands, moaning the entire time. Did Jaden and Dane also filmed a threesome?

There will be more of Jude after.Corbin Fisher (tip cody ) February 10, 2019 You all know him as Bruce Sheppard at Gay Hoopla before he became Jude.He first did gay porn as Calhoun at Chaos, men.

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They have asked for their familys privacy to be respected and prefer not to be contacted.

The new guy Jaden now has 2 gay scenes, both with Dane. The second one had Jaden as the bottom. He gets his dick hard before he slowly runs lube down the bottom of his shaft. Then he flips to his back and shoots his thick load over his feet rubbing it in with the tip of his cock! The main perpetrator was sentenced to nearly 7 years. We kindly ask his many devoted fans to respect his familys wishes. He is such an amazing person and continues to amaze and bring happiness to his family every day. Logan is a close personal friend of many of us. He is being very well taken care of and loved by them every day. No charges were ever brought against Logan. When we learned of the attack, we were at his bedside in ICU with his parents the next day, not knowing if he would make it through the weekend. He is like family to us and we were utterly devastated by this. Logan has been in a persistent vegetative state since 2008 when he was jumped by a group of guys for reasons having nothing to do with his. It mentioned that, corbin, fisher has been helping with Logans medical expenses.

Corbin fisher cody men of porn, Then, he transferred to, corbin Fisher as Sawyer.


Tom throws Harpers legs in to the air and fucks him silly, before Harper bends Tom over and takes a turn on his hole. Galleries, news, what's Up? I'm sure that others will strongly disagree with me, but I don't think that publishing this post re: Travis was necessarily the right thing. I guess what's done now is done and really none of my business. Gunther of Corbin Fisher last April 2013. I read the Reddit post many months ago and had a similar debate with the original poster - lengthyounarther, who very likely did grow up with Travis - about the wisdom of writing such posts (even though he probably didn't have malicious intentions). BananaGuide: the gay man's guide to porn 2000, 2019 Untangled Web Inc. First, it was Ashton of Corbin Fisher and now, davis of Corbin Fisher. Regarding the real estate millionaire bit, my hunch is that he has a 'daddy' who is successful in real estate and he may help out with that. 1, nEXT Top, home, about Us, contact Us, reviews. As two of our veteran Corbin Fisher guys, Harper and Tom know their way around the studio and a fellow CF stud each are confident, sexy, and almost always ready to give or take in some hot action. Again, just an opinion and, regardless, Travis came across as someone who would always land on his feet. Good luck to him. Corbin Fisher : Stunning collection of collegiate guys. Gunther of Fratmen was introduced last September 2012. He is back again as Gunter of Fratmen this month. I think that the information revealed is too personal (and potentially defamatory) and may be a violation of privacy (especially as it's being disseminated on a fairly widely read gay porn blog like this one). A 'live by your wits and die by your wits' kind of guy. In any case, IMO Travis is CF's all-time 'superstar' and, if lengthyounarther is to be believed, it sounds like life is definitely treating him very well these days!

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