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Homestuck terezi porn

also be a hell of a lot easier if Karkat didn't have a huge crush on her Boyfriend, John fucking Egbert. ) It was popularized by artists Tannanana and Sclez. Complete with screencaps, episode summaries, VA discussion and Sub. Tavros dancing being set to music. "Character: Attempt to drink color Kool-Aid." "It gets all over mom your face!" "That shocked you so much it teleported you back home." Explanation Riffing off of this wisecrack. Explanation Terezi paints Dave's glasses onto various pictures. It spent most of its time as a Formspring/mspa forum injoke, and didn't get a nod in Homestuck itself for a long time, until Jade alchemised the Dead Shuffle dress and it's remarked that in it she looks like she's "straight from the animes". Any questions?" Variants can replace the word "drugs" with something more appropriate. There's even an app to let Roxy sleepwalk across ANY mspa panel, and you can further extend it to your computer in general. Hussie now knows about it, thanks to a fan who sent him a link to the Hussieruya blog via Twitter. Explanation Sometime around June 2011 someone posted a role-play log wherein they were role-playing Kanaya as a drunk, it boomed with popularity within hours.

Homestuck terezi porn

Explanation From 1 this drawing sent by Terezi to Dave. Have an example: Page 1: A boy stands in his bedroom 4657 pages later: A post-apocalypse self x com porn of that boy's ectosister's grandfather kisses the decapitated head of their best friend's brother's post-apocalypse self on the lips in front of an erupting volcano. Then, when he posted a link to download it on Megaupload, the same event occurred. Now what the hell interracial slave bondage porn is happening here? And now with this update, we have eyebrows sweeping the forums.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.Explore Fandoms Everywhere s board Terezi Pyrope on Pinterest.Terezi Pyrope Homestuck Karkat, Troll, Told You So, Homestuck Characters, Otp.

John Egbert/Terezi Pyrope - Works Archive of Our Own

After meeting in lofaf, Terezi is extremely angry at Aranea, claiming that she talked her into restoring her eye-sight and that Aranea and Gamzee manipulated her together. Posted on 21 February 2013, 22:21 UTC by: DoctorWhen, score 130, i'm 6 sweeps old and what is this? After Roxy phases down to the core of her planet, John prepares to leave as well, but is interrupted by Terezi calling him back over to talk about a plan on what to do if he successfully learns to control his powers. This apparently contributed to Terezi's depression. A forensic analysis of the corpse with the help of three of her Scalemates leads to two of them being cast into the void, likely attracting the attention of a murderous Gamzee in the process. During the three-year meteor trip, Terezi and Vriska become close friends/partners-in-crime once again, as they are seen spending a lot of time together. She has of a vision of pre-retcon Terezi waking up as a ghost and wandering the bubbles, eventually meeting up with (Vriska). Pyralspite similarly shares her red, glowing eyes.

Explanation And other numbers between 20 and 30, depending on what number day it was.

"It's not like X being real was ever a thing that stopped being true" and other verbose ways of reminding readers that something long-forgotten still has significance. OH wait, please Note : This page is for memes exclusive to, homestuck. Wow, they have all of the memes. Starting from this panel, fans have referred to something drastic done by the players, usually involving their powers, as "Doing the (Element)y Thing." When the God Cat was introduced, fans began drawing it as Kyubey. Strongjumping, stronggalloping, strongsitting, stronglifting, strongrunning, strongdating, stronghobble etc. Also known as "sloppy interspecies makeouts" Shit and the handle's repeated breakups and reconciliations Explanation "Shit just flew off the handle" and variations thereof are a common phrase in the series. Some other Homestuck establishments, like the Reddit board, have since done the same. Then art for other fandoms began to appear, and. Photoshopping John's disembodied arm everywhere. Explanation A snow clone of Lord English's lines from these two pages' top banners. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Explanation The Wizard of Oz reference when Jade died Murderstuck. Fan art depicting troll, felt and first guardian versions of various characters Fat Vriska and Fat Feferi, aka Fatferi.

Homestuck terezi porn, A page for describing Memes: Homestuck.


YOU CAN'T escape THE miles Explanation uu's mantra concerning Bec Noir's Red Miles finally invading the B2 timeline.

However, Alternia has 48 astrological signs unrelated to the 12 signs that Earth has. She seems possibly surprised but appears to be ok with Meenah replying with a : after she says she likes her dragon costume. After the John from the original timeline goes off to visit Typheus again, she writes a list of exact instructions for John to follow at specific points in time in order to change the outcome of events (appearing as password-locked pages at certain points throughout. Eventually, the murders on the meteor led Terezi to confront Vriska. He can also be seen on the "Five of Wands" card with most of the pre-Act 6 main cast. It's a bit like a daily book club, but with Homestuck updates. While Karkat is ranting at Eridan for his "wand murder Eridan offers to listen to Karkat's troubles and talk them out, despite being insulted and yelled at multiple times already. Terezi was supposed to be the leader of the Red Team until Karkat convinced her to revoke the position to him. Wayward Vagabond Edit In the new timeline where John prevented Terezi from killing Vriska, Karkat seems to have developed a friendship with WV (who everyone refers to as "The Mayor similar to Dave's friendship with the mayor. She also reveals that she still feels bad about killing Vriska, even though she is aware it had to be done. 1 year into the journey he has a discussion with a future self where it's revealed everyone else on the meteor is aware of his blood colour. Suspicious, he walked over to the door and threw it open to see it was only Terezi. Karkat and Kanaya charge at Gamzee, but Karkat is stopped when Gamzee stabs Karkat twice in the chest, and drops him into the lava. By the end of their 3 year trip on the meteor the relationship became extremely unhealthy, contributing to her depression and Faygo addiction, as was shown in her intervention with Dave and Karkat. Terezi is also the Turkish and Ukrainian word for "scales". Sometime later, Karkat meets Jack Noir on lopah, who stabs him in a failed attempt to shut him. Shitpost, she is the seer of mind.

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