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immediately set to the correct value. If a save game is created while a spell target is still playing the "hey, what just happened to my breasts?" idle animation then when that save is loaded, the NPC may be temporarily stuck in that pose. If you cast a spell, and the new breast size is reported as 10, that usually means you don't have skse installed. If breast scaling works, and butt scaling does not work on a particular NPC, that NPC's body mesh does not support tbbp. But, if the NPC enters the player's cell, the scale is not immediately set. 1.08 Update follower NPCs after moving into a new cell or location.

This should be compatible with everything since it only adds new content and doesn't change anything. How do I install it? I borrowed ideas from these mods: Breast Enlargement Rings by ceiling (m/skyrim/mods/35908/?) New Spell - Strip NPCs by Anon1Anon (m/skyrim/mods/9341/?). To quickly reset an NPC's butt to no panties porn videos its default size: If her butt has been enlarged, dual cast Butt Reduction. Most of the spells have a stronger effect when you dual cast (use both hands) and you don't need a skill perk to. (m/skyrim/mods/29624/?) Verify that you can successfully use it to change the breast size of a female player character (not NPC). Mine is at: "C:Program Files Then make sure "Breast Size Scaling for p" has a check mark in the box in your Skyrim data files list, or in the mod manager program of your choice. If you are one of those people, congratulations. Just talk to the NPC to unstick them, or wait until their mom loses bet porn AI package is updated. Others may add or modify NPCs so that they have their own body mesh instead of using the one installed in the default location.

This mod contains adult content.You can turn adult content on in your preference, if you wish.Adjust female NPC breast and butt size using custom spells.

Huge boobs at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community

 This is because there is game overhead involved in maintaining them.  Likewise, if the clothing or armor supports (T)BBP but the body does not, then you will only see the changes while they are worn. Upgrading -. O   A clothing and/or armor replacer for the body of your choice. O   Don't claim you wrote.  For the player, there are several mods that can change body scales. When you reach 2nd level, or when you load a save with a character that is already 2nd level or higher, you are given the spell tomes automagically.  If the player then enters the NPC's cell, the scale is immediately set to the correct value. Very FEW clothing AND armor mods support tbbp, so try out the butt scaling spells on an NPC with clothing removed. Butt scaling IS NOT going TO work for many of you.  I'll gather this information as I receive it and put a list of compatible mods in a sticky post. Many thanks to Bethesda for a great game, and to everyone who writes mods for Skyrim, you keep the game worth playing.

I will only provide very limited support on this site (Skyrim Nexus) and none anywhere else.

 I'll gather this information as I receive it and put a list of compatible mods in a sticky post. You get spell tomes that teach these new spells: Breast Enlargement (Restoration breast Reduction (Restoration). Adjust NPC breast and butt size using custom spells! Overwrite the old version of the mod with the new one.  If you find a high quality clothing or armor mod that works with butt scaling, please test it yourself first, and then post the mod info in the comments thread.  Clothing and armor replacers and body replacers essentially each have their own copy of the "body".

Huge breasts mods porn: Requires skse and a body replacer and skeleton that support breast and/or butt scaling.



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